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Can You Take CBD With Alcohol?


CBD and alcohol are two very different substances. CBD is used for boosting health and wellbeing, whereas alcohol has quite the opposite effect and is used primarily for fun! 

But strangely enough, some manufacturers have started creating CBD-infused alcohol. 

Many have raised questions about the safety of combining these in the form of a CBD-infused alcoholic drink or by using the two products at the same time… This is a reasonable concern to have since both can have an effect on the mind and body.

So, can you drink alcohol with CBD oil? In this article, we will discuss the effects and safety of mixing CBD and alcohol. 

Can I Mix CBD With Alcohol? 

There is currently a lack of research on the effects of using CBD with alcohol, especially in high doses. So, the bottom line is: we don’t advise mixing CBD and alcohol.

If you do decide to mix alcohol and CBD oil, you may experience unwanted side effects. Side effects of CBD oil and alcohol that may be a cause for concern is that they could amplify each other’s effects

Alcohol can reduce inhibitions and promote relaxation, and it’s thought that CBD can also have calming effects. 

So, using them together could amplify this relaxation effect, causing you to feel very sleepy and sedated. However, more research is needed to determine whether or not this is the case.

Can CBD Replace Alcohol?

Drinking alcohol and CBD use is quite different from one another, so if you’re looking to get that alcohol buzz, then CBD won’t provide that.

However, some research indicates that CBD could potentially protect against some of alcohol’s negative effects.

This research suggests that CBD may prevent cell damage and disease, reduce blood-alcohol levels, and even be therapeutic for alcohol addiction. But again, this research is very limited and shouldn’t be relied upon.

So no, CBD can’t replace alcohol as they are 2 very different things, and CBD should not be used to try and counteract alcohol’s negative effects.

CBD-Infused Alcohol

As we mentioned previously, some manufacturers have started creating CBD alcohol in the form of shots, beers, and other beverages. But is this a good idea?

Generally, the doses of CBD used in these products will be incredibly low and, therefore, is unlikely to have any major effects.

Due to the lack of research, it’s hard to determine the safety of CBD-infused alcohol. It may be a positive thing since CBD could help to prevent the negative side effects associated with alcohol. But, it could also be a negative thing since it could cause you to feel very, very sedated.

For this reason, we wouldn’t recommend the combination of alcohol and CBD until further research has been done.


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