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CBD Oil for Cancer: Does it Work?


CBD is a special compound known as a cannabinoid and is derived from the hemp plant. It can be used in lots of different products including CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD cosmetics, and CBD e-liquids. Research has indicated that we may be able to use CBD oil for cancer.

People use CBD for a variety of different purposes. The most common reasons are pain relief, anxiety relief, and general wellness. Many users love using CBD gummies for pain, anxiety and wellness over other products. This is because using CBD gummies benefits the individual whilst being super tasty and enjoyable to use! 

Some research has indicated that CBD could have positive effects on those suffering from cancer. But can we really use CBD for cancer? Let’s discuss it in this article. 

How Does CBD Work in the Body?

The human body actually produces CBD naturally. It interacts with endocannabinoid receptors which are located throughout the body. They are mainly in the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. 

This interaction helps us to achieve homeostasis which is the state of balanced, steady internal processes – this is vital for our health. Many researchers think that CBD can help to regulate many things including our pain response, our sleep cycle, & our mood, as well as having anti-inflammatory and antioxidising properties. 

Researchers think that some people may suffer from a deficiency of cannabinoids and that this could cause certain health problems. This is where using CBD supplementation may help.  

It’s important to note that CBD does not produce psychoactive effects, even though it comes from hemp which is a variety of Cannabis. This is because it’s a separate cannabinoid – THC – which causes these effects. Pure CBD oil does not contain any THC and will therefore not cause a high. 

One of the best things about CBD is that it doesn’t have any dangerous side effects and there is no risk for user-dependency or abuse. Natural hemp products such as organic CBD oil are entirely plant-derived and safe, meaning they don’t possess the same risks as many pharmaceutical drugs. 

The Research Into CBD for Cancer

According to Cancer Research UK, research into CBD for cancer suggests that different cannabinoids may be able to:

  • Cause cell death & block cell growth
  • Stop the development of blood vessels which tumours need in order to grow
  • Reduce cancers ability to spread

In 2019, a review of studies on pancreatic cancer found that cannabinoids like CBD could help to slow tumour growth, reduce tumour invasion, and induce tumour cell death.

A 2019 study suggested that CBD could provoke cancer cell death without any negative effect on healthy cells. 

Another 2019 study into colon cancer found that CBD may inhibit the spread of colorectal cancer cells.

Research from 2010 found that CBD may help to reduce breast cancer cell proliferation and invasion. 

What About CBD to Treat Cancer Related Symptoms?

Another theory is that – even if CBD cannot treat cancer itself – it may be able to help reduce cancer-related symptoms. Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can cause horrible side effects including nausea, loss of appetite, and neuropathic pain. Research indicates that CBD may be able to help relieve side effects like these. 

A THC and CBD drug called Nabiximols is currently used in Canada and parts of Europe to relieve patients suffering from pain from cancer treatments. This THC and CBD spray benefits the overall wellbeing of those patients, although it doesn’t necessarily treat the root cancer disease. 

There is currently no medically-used CBD oil for cancer in the UK. You can buy CBD oils that are full spectrum in the UK – meaning they contain small amounts of THC – but medical THC & CBD drugs are only currently used for things like epilepsy. 


The takeaway from this is that it’s too early to make claims about the effectiveness of CBD oil for cancer. The current research is promising, but not conclusive – more research is needed. 

However, CBD oils are entirely natural hemp-based products without any dangerous side effects, meaning there is no harm in trying it (unlike most pharmaceutical drugs). 

You should talk to your doctor before trying CBD for cancer, especially if you are currently taking other medications. 

cbd sprays

Where To Buy CBD Oil For Cancer

People often ask questions like ‘what is the best CBD oil for cancer?’. But in reality, we can’t recommend specific CBD oils for treating certain conditions, since CBD is a food supplement and not a pharmaceutical. 

However, we would recommend that you choose a higher strength of CBD oil for maximum effectiveness. Honest Hemp are CBD oil manufacturers, meaning they create all of their products from their facility here in the UK. You can find a variety of strengths in their CBD in hemp oil – 500mg to 3000mg. 

Alternatively to CBD oil, many people use CBD hemp gel for pain relief or CBD edibles for pain and other uses. Honest Hemp have a wide variety of CBD topicals, including a cooling gel which is excellent for site-specific pain. They also offer high CBD edibles, with gummies containing 20mg of CBD per sweet, and 300mg CBD capsules

Lastly, another popular product is CBD e-liquid in the UK. However, some people would prefer not to vape – vaping CBD is more designed for relaxation and anxiety-reduction rather than internal health problems. As an alternative, some people use a CBD oil nebulizer, however, this is pretty rare and probably quite unnecessary if you have a simple CBD oil or edibles. 


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