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Should You Take CBD Before or After Working Out?


Many gym-goers, bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts use CBD. There are a number of different reasons they might do this, from improving sleep to enhancing muscle recovery. 

Unlike pre-workout supplements or protein shakes, CBD doesn’t really have any clear cut instructions on when is the best time to take it. 

So, people often ask, is it better to take CBD before or after exercise?

In this article, we will explain the different benefits you might expect from CBD based on whether you take it before working out, or after. 

Taking CBD Before Your Workout


It’s thought that CBD has the ability to regulate our blood sugar levels. How does this affect our energy levels? Well, regulated blood sugar levels mean regulated insulin levels. And when the body has lower insulin levels, it can burn glucose into energy more easily. 

CBD is also thought to regulate mitochondrial activity. This can help the body to achieve metabolic balance. Since the metabolism is responsible for converting food into energy, this can also lead to increased energy levels.

In addition to this, boosted metabolism makes it easier to burn fat. This is ideal if you are looking to lose weight or maintain lean muscle. 

If you are looking to boost your metabolism and energy levels to enhance your workout, then it’s best to take CBD before rather than after. You may need to take it consistently for a few weeks before you see results – CBD requires time and patience to make a big difference in the body. 


Now, this may seem like it has nothing to do with working out… but that’s not the case! 

Cortisol is known as the ‘stress hormone’. When we are under stress, we produce too much cortisol – and this can lead to slowed muscle growth.

In addition to this, high stress levels can make it much harder to stay motivated and focused in the gym.

Many people use CBD to help reduce stress or anxiety. Research suggests that CBD can help to balance the endocannabinoid system in the body – a system that is partly responsible for our stress response.

So, if you feel like stress could be affecting your motivation, muscle growth, or ability to stay consistent, then it might be a good idea to start taking CBD before your workouts. 

Taking CBD After Your Workout

Muscle recovery

When it comes to exercise-related issues, muscle recovery is the most common reason people use CBD. 

Why do our muscles get sore post-workout? It’s because exercise – especially weight lifting – causes microscopic damage to the muscles. When the muscles repair themselves, they grow back bigger and stronger. This is what causes muscle growth, but alongside this comes plenty of inflammation and pain.

CBD is thought to help relieve post-workout pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it’s thought to be one of the safest ways to provide such effects. 

This is excellent, not only to minimise soreness and discomfort, but also to allow us to get back in the gym much sooner afterwards. If our muscles can repair and recover more quickly, then ultimately you’ll progress in the gym more quickly. 

If you’re looking to use CBD for muscle recovery, we recommend you take it immediately after working out. You may also like to use a CBD topical which you can apply directly to the area of the body that needs support. 


Again, it may seem as though this has little to do with working out. Well, quite the opposite – sleep is actually vital for proper recovery after working out. 

A huge amount of the repair of our muscles happens while we are asleep. So, if you don’t get enough sleep, your body will struggle to recover properly. This is why many exercise enthusiasts put a big focus on their nightly kip.

So, where does CBD come in? Well, CBD is thought to improve our quality of sleep by helping to regulate our sleep-wake cycle. In other words, it could help you to fall asleep, stay asleep throughout the night, sleep more deeply, and wake up feeling more refreshed.

In summary…

Most people use CBD post-workout rather than pre-workout. However, it does partly depend on your reason for using CBD. At Honest Hemp, we recommend you take half of your daily dose immediately after working out, and the other half either first thing in the morning or last thing at night (depending on what time you work out – try to spread these doses out). This can help to enhance recovery, ease soreness, and improve your fitness journey. 


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