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What Is the Best Way to Take CBD?


Many CBD users – especially those who are fairly new to the cannabinoid – often wonder what is the best way to take CBD. There are numerous different products on the market, meaning there are tons of ways to take hemp oil and CBD – this extensive offering can make it difficult to know what to choose. 

Luckily, we know a lot about this topic here at Honest Hemp! In this article, we will explain how to take CBD, the best methods for use, and how much CBD to take a day. 

How to Take CBD Oil

One of the most popular CBD products are oils or tinctures. These are usually made by mixing CBD extract with hemp seed oil or MCT (Medium-Chain Tryglicerides) oil, and sometimes flavourings too. But what’s the best way to take CBD oil?

Firstly, you should choose an oil that has a strength appropriate for your needs. Are you new to taking CBD oil, or maybe testing CBD oil for the first time? Start with a lower strength. If you want powerful effects, you’ll want to choose higher strength CBD oil than those who only want mild effects. 

After you’ve chosen the right product for you, you may be asking: how do you take CBD oil? Does it go in a drink? Do you swallow it? 

When looking at how to take CBD oil drops, it’s actually far easier than you may think. Simply draw the correct amount of oil into the pipette, and drop it under your tongue. Hold it there for 1 minute to allow it to absorb into the glands, and then swallow. This is the most effective way to use CBD oil. 

Bear in mind that CBD oil is not the same as hemp oil. CBD oils may contain hemp seed oil as this is often used as the carrier, but hemp oil in itself does not contain any CBD.

So then, what is the best way to take hemp oil? Well, you can apply it to the skin, you can swallow it, or you can add it to foods and drinks. The choice is yours! 

How to Use CBD Edibles

An alternative on how to take hemp oil and CBD is in the form of an edible. Some of the most popular CBD edible products include CBD gummies and CBD capsules. This is a great way to take CBD – it’s super easy, tasty, and the dose is premeasured. 

However, when you use CBD edibles, it can take longer for the product to be digested and for the CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This means that effects can take longer to occur and may be less prominent than with some other products, such as CBD e-liquids. 

How to Use CBD E-Liquids

If you’re looking for fast-acting and powerful relief, then this is the most effective way to take CBD. When you inhale an e-liquid, the CBD is released into the bloodstream very quickly and effectively. This means that, when you vape CBD, it can be up to 4x more effective than using oil or an edible, and effects can occur up to 90 minutes faster. 

So, if you’re happy with vaping, then a CBD e-liquid is probably the best way to take CBD in terms of effectiveness. 

How Much CBD to Take

One very important thing to consider is how much CBD to take a day. Take a look at the image below for guidance on this, or view our full article on the topic here


What About CBD Topicals?

‘CBD topical’ simply means any CBD product that is designed to be applied to the skin, such as a cream or balm. They are best for skin problems such as acne, dryness, or redness, or muscle and joint pain and inflammation. You can apply a CBD topical directly to the area of the body that needs help, making it super effective for site-specific problems. 

So, if you need help with the skin, joints, or muscles in a specific area of the body, then a topical product provides the best way to use CBD.


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